Ghost Gas Station and Snoop


Shortly after my second daughter was born, my sister and I and a group of friends made a plan to head back down to Treasure Coast, Florida


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for a solid ten days of vacation on the beach. The trip had been sort of an annual pilgrimage to a house my family had time share in. There was something special about the house, possibly too special beacuse three years after this trip, it was taken out to sea by a hurricane. It has yet to be rebuilt.

I should provide just a little background. The house sat about a quarter of a mile North of the Wabasso Beach Market, on Orchid Island between Sebastian Inlet and Vero Beach, Florida. The beautiful, ocean front lot and liberal use of windows provided a near panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean in all her glory. The private beach was never crowded, and a few days in that magical house was certain to clear out anyone’s cobwebs.

The area is called Treasure Coast because of the number of Spanish Ship wrecks in those shallow waters. It seems the route from from Columbia, and other conquered South American countries, hugged the Florida coast before turning East on the return home,for the Spaniards. The ships with heavy burdons of silver, gold, emeralds and other treasures hauled countless tons of wealth back to Spain to finance her campaigns and conquests. It is not uncommon, even to this day to find some object washed ashore after a particularly strong storm. This history and all its allure, are what brought about our treasure hunting days, both along this stretch of coastline, and in the Keys, but that is a series of stories for another day.

There were eight of us, and we made our journey from Kentucky down to Wabasso in a borrowed camper-van. My three month old daughter, Layla trooping just like the rest of us. We had a great week, survived some serious sunburns, and early on our eleventh day headed back towards Kentucky, pulling onto I-95 somehwere near Melbourne.

After driving about thirty minutes, the camper started loosing power. the “check engine” light intermittantly blinking a bright red. We pulled off at the next exit, where we saw a Chevron Service Center sign. “Perfect” was the thought going through all of our heads.

The parking lot was full of cars, and I think we rolled in to the station, the camper having quit running shortly off the exit ramp. We all got out, several of us looking for the restroom. A little grease covered man emerged from the shop wiping his hands on a shop towel. “Can I help you,” he grumbled, “I kind of busy.” We told him of our problem, and he grabbed a wrench and slid under the truck. “It’s your alternator belt,” was the diagnosis we heard from under the engine compartment.

Well, that didn’t sound too bad, until we heard the stream of cusswords coming from underneath the vehicle. When the man emerged, he had a funny look in his eye. “Looks like you’re in some trouble,” he said through clinched teeth, “the mounting bolt broke off in the engine block. I’m gonna have to drill it out, and re-tap the block.” I can do it, but its gonna cost you.

We didn’t have much choice, or much money, but we could worry about that once the problem was fixed. We just needed to get back on the road. We agreed, and the man got to work. After walking inside the station, something didn’t seem right. “Where’s the restroom,” I asked the man. “No restroom. There’s no water. No electric either,” was the gruff answer.

About that time I realized that, although the lot was full of cars, there was no one else there. No one. there was no store, no drinks, no water, no restroom, power, or people. Just us and the greasy little man. I suppose all the cars were there for repair, but the place looked like a thriving business from the road. As the man worked, there was nothing to do but wait.

After a few minutes, another car pulled up and ask me where the restrooms were. They got out, a couple and headed toward the door. When we told them the situation, they looked at us in dis-belief, looked around a bit and sped off shaking their heads.

Other than this ghost station, the only thing on this exit was a closed fireworks store across the highway. We were totally at the mercy of this man, who seemed frustrated and irritated that we were bothering him.

About that time, and elderly couple pulled up and asked for directions. Then another family, with three kids drove in looking for coffee and sodas. There was nothing there, and the man had dissapeared under our camper. with everyone, it was the same thing. People thought we were joking, and when they realized that we were not, they left seemingly upset. We wanted out of there as fast as possible, so it was in our best interest NOT to bother the guy working on our truck.


After a little while, and about six cars stopping by, the man finally emerged and told us he had to get a belt for our vehicle, but the nearest auto parts store didn’t have and he was going to have to drive about 50 miles to go get the belt. “See ya,” he said as he sped away in a little
Toyota pickup, and us with our jaws wide open and our palms facing the sky. Had we inherited the mini-hell of this Ghost station?

Without much choice, we set up shop. Our friend Mary grabbed a map and started familiarizing herself with the area. She would give the directions to lost travelers. Jen and would try to tell people the nearest place they could find a restroom. We had to have a plan for getting all the cars that stopped, on there way. A couple of hours later, we had talked with dozens of people, wanting all kinds of things, none of which we, or this Ghost station could provide. We were all starting to get nervous.

Snoop Dogg

Cover of Snoop Dogg

About that time, a really tricked out custom truck pulled in the lot. We could hear music pumping so loud that it started shaking the windows of the abandoned station. The truck had Chrome twenty two inch rims with a flip flop yellow green paint that was unbelieveable. Only one guy got out and headed straight for the door. He was tall, and looked kind of familiar. As I approached, I told hime that if he was looking for the restroom, there was none. It was then that he turned to face me. It was then that I realized, I was looking at Snoop Doggy Dogg. “Say what,” he said looking at me like I was full of it. I told him again. He looked at my with suspicion, “sheee yet,”  he said as he walked on in. My daughter, Layla was in there with her mom. He started getting the picture. As he came back out, I told him a little of our story. “good luck,” he said, as he climbed back in the truck, “hope you get back on the road again soon.” The truck drove away.

In another two hours, our camper was fixed and we were back on the road again. It had been an odd afternoon. I often wonder if that ghost station is still there, or if it ever existed at all.

Please share this post, everywhere. I wonder if Snoop remembers the ghost station, and the gaggle of Kentucky folks with the infant and the broken down camper…

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The Best Life is at My Doorstep


When I first heard about the book The Secret, I ws a low point in my life. I had had successes, made a bunch of money, then lost it, then made some more and blew it. My buddy, Jim said he had been reading in this new book about affirmative thinking, and won a small lottery, using its principles. It wasn’t an unusual conversation, Jim and I have sparred about psychological and metaphysical principles since almost day one of our friendship. I made a mental note.

Move the clock forward two years, I received a copy of the book for my birthday, signed with love, from a dear family member. Cool. Now I would get the chance to read this book I had heard so much about. As I read through the pages, everything seemed so very familiar. I knew this subject from my days of pouring over Shakti Gawain’s, Creative Visualization many many years before. Yes, I knew the material, but felt I needed to get closer to its source.

A couple of weeks later, I found myself at a large bookstore. I was looking for something, not in particular, with regards to my subject. I was about to leave frustrated, when my eyes settled on a large hard-bound volume by an author named Ernest Holmes. “The Science of Mind,” sounded like a book from the Tom Cruise reading list, and the instantly judged book had an equally dry cover. I went over,  picked it up, as as I skimmed through the pages, I realized that this was my source. This book contained the nuts and bolts of the information I had been looking for.

I can’t say that since day one the book changed my life. It was written in the early 1930′s, and syntax was odd. I stuck with it because  knew this book contained something very valuable. What I can say, is that I was finally introduced to source material. In many circles, Ernest Holmes is consitered the father of the New Age Movement. I am not a New Ager. I am practical, and what spoke to me about this philosophy was its scientific nature. The fact that we manifest our own reality is not some frilly, far fetched notion, it is a law of nature.


After reading and re-reading this book, I purchased additional Ernest Holmes works. I read and re-read them. Something was finally making sense to me regarding the nature of our personal relationship with the events and circumstances of our lives. I drank it down like water, and still do til this day.

Now I had mentioned that I was at a low point, and I was. When you are low, and feel bad, it’s very difficult to will yourself to feel better. When you feel a little better, it gets a little easier. It took my the better part of two years to actually get out of that cycle. Little by little, life started gettng better. My ideas became more wholesome and started being able to demonstrate the manifestation principles I had worked so hard to implement. Understanding how to use them is one thing, actually using them effectively, is quite another.


What I do know is this. I have completely turned my life around. Ernest Holmes helped me understand that mysticism, Christianity, psychology, the occult, earth magic, religion, anthropology and science, can all be described by a principle, or law, they we may not completely understand, but that may certainly be used. I continue do demonstrate the effectiveness of this law, by manifesting positive and desirable things in my life. My will is the will of creation, clouded by personal circumstance and the negativity that comes from feeling separated from everyone and everything else. That’s what ego will get ya.

Regardless, I am blessed to be a part of the Empower Network, it is the natural progression of  my perfect life, what I have been working to manifest. We don’t always know how, and why certain events happen, and we cannot judge books by thier covers. We cannot name things by appearance, for if we do, we make them real.  Even if you are at the lowest point of your existence, have faith. Just around the corner awaits your very best life.


Join me if you will, on a winning journey. If you want to know more, about the Empower Network, please click the link below. If you agree, or like my post, please share it. I welcome all comments.

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Enough Free Time to Create


Quite some time ago I realized that the creative process is not just a switch I can easliy turn off or on. Conditions have to be just so, and then something will click, and I am able to channel a creative spirit, that just seems flow. Easy, like water finding its way down a mountain.

When it flows, it flows, but when it doesn’t, there is little use forcing it. Sometimes I’ll pick up a guitar, and it will almost play itself. Its like there is an energy trying to find its name. I don’t even think that it’s me sometimes. I am just the instrument through which it flows,  just the speaker that blasts some divine playlist. Sometimes I’ll pick up a guitar, and nothing seems to work but a cold, technical ability, a muscle memory learned from years of dry repitition. That’s not what I’m after. I’m after the juice. I’m after the spirit, like water that flows, finding its own voice through me. True beauty when that happens.

I still cannot pinpoint just exactly when and where is the optimal time to try to catch that creative spirit, but I do know that some conditions must be met. Environment is a huge factor. Nature. Out in the woods, or on a mountain, things flow pretty well, but many times we don’t have that luxury. At home, with things neat and orderly, there is less distraction.  Clutter is a muse killer, and many times when I carve out a block of time to write, I’ll spend it cleaning, straightening and organizing, rather than actually trying to write. You might call that procrastination, but I call it all part of the process. Things are just not going to flow well otherwise. There have been more than a few occassions, where I had intended on writing, that I have not even picked up a pen or my instrument at all. I have spent the entire time preparing my workspace, and hey, that’s ok. Its all part of the process.

It may be obvious, but things don’t flow so well if I am distracted by any form of social dischord, or if I have too many demands on my time. If the phone keeps ringing, or I have errands to run, or if I have to return a phone call, my creativity grinds to a halt. Stress is the destroyer of all potential masterpieces. A cluttered environment is stressful, and so are un-announced visitors.  Financial hardship is extremely stressful, so are demands on my time. I find that if one or more of these stress events come into play, chances of finding a productive writing environment start becoming slim. This is one of the reasons I joined the Empower Network, to free up some of my time.

Anything worthwhile takes work, and that’s part of the pay off: being rewarded for time well spent. Time well spent is efficientuse of my time. With the Empower Network, I don’t have to put in my 9 or 10 hours at work, then go home exhausted with no creative energy. I can work when it best suits me. So if my creative juices are flowing, I can really follow that, instead of wasting that precious life energy, just to keep the lights on. I’m feeling kind of peaceful right

now, I think I may play a tune…

If you have ideas on the creative process, and what it takes to encourage it, please leave a comment or send me a message. Think about what the Empower Network could do to free up your time.

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Making Money While Making Music


After doing a bit of research on the Empower Network, some things for me started to click. I finally saw a clear way to get out of the the dead weight of a 9am to 7pm work week. Not that I mind working, in fact, I really enjoy my job working as Marketing Director for a Southeast Harley-Davidson Dealership. My problem was that I had no time to enjoy my life. I had no time to pursuit the things I love, my passions, or as Joseph Campbell put it, “live my bliss.”

With the Empower Network, I can still enjoy my job, still hit home runs for my team, but I can do it on MY TERMS. I joined the Empower Network to become independent, and earn an income that will allow me to follow my passions, follow my dreams. those dreams have always been clear to me; I am a musician, and I want to play.

Some time ago I realized that I needed something which could support me and my music, that did not require 50 plus hours per week. at the end of the day, my very best creative energy had been depleted. I found myself tired, and short on time to prepare for the next day of the same. By the time the weekend rolled around, my time was filled with laundry, cleaning, and general life maintenance. Even if I was able to carve out a little time to focus on writing or playing, I had no inspiration or soul left in me to accomplish anything. What I needed was an income that had some passive qualities. I needed an income that wouldn’t drain my lifeblood to generate.


I think most people would like to be rich, but I have never seen being wealthy as a goal in itself. My goal is to generate enough income so that I am comfortable, but more importantly, I wish to have the time and resources to play my music. I want to tour in support of my art. Not because I want to notoriety, but because I have always flt that I had something to offer, that I am compelled to leave something behind.

The Empower Network has a formula that enables me to to just that: work, play and be free. The Empower Network shows me the promise of being able to provide for my children, while living a life of freedom. No longer do I wish to react, or respond to life, I wish to write my own ticket. The Empower Network has shown me a way, not to get rich, but to be free. Keep your eyes open for a concert near you. I’ll see you on the other side.

Click this link and change your life:


If any of this sounds familiar, or if you want to join me on my journey, check out Empower Network by clicking on the link…and see what Dave & Dave have to say. If you you are in the same boat, please share my post.

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MIAMI, FL - OCTOBER 18: A Harley Davidson motorcycle is seen on the show room floor at the Peterson's Harley-Davidson of Miami dealership on October 18, 2011 in Miami, Florida. Harley-Davidson announced that its net income more than doubled in the third quarter. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

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